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Cleaning Tips for Patio Furniture

A comfortable and cozy patio furniture beside the pool is great during hot summer nights. Having them allows us to unwind and relax with nature however, maintaining such furniture requires time and effort. Snow, rain, dust, sun and dirt can give patio furnishings a scruffy and soiled look. For the furniture to be beautiful again, it is necessary to clean them regularly.In cleaning wood patio furniture, the first thing you need to do is to remove dust and debris from its surface using a dry brush. If the surface is uneven due to scratch, rub it with sand paper. Clean the furniture using a sponge dipped in lukewarm water mixed with mild soap. Before applying the sponge on the furniture, be sure that you have squeezed out too much water from it to avoid damaging the furniture paint by the detergent. Then wash the wood surface using clean water then sun dry it. To protect your furniture from elements outdoor, apply oil on it, such as teak oil that is available in stores. Alternative for teak oil are vegetable oil or baby oil.Although wrought iron patio furniture has both strength and beauty, one problem with it is rust. In cleaning it, the first thing you should to is sand the surface to remove the marks of rust then wipe it clean. Then, apply paint primer on it. If there is no rust on it, a simple cleaning will do. All you have to do is wipe it with cloth that is wet with mixture of soap and water. Remember to use mild detergent to avoid damaging the iron. Also, wrap your wrought iron patio furniture with plastic cover to protect it from moisture and air.Among the many types of terrace furniture, plastic yard furniture is the easiest to clean. You can mix a dishwashing liquid with water and apply it on the furniture using sponge. Let it stay there for few minutes, then remove the debris and dirt from its crevices using an old toothbrush. Then rinse it afterwards. You can also use paste of baking powder. All you have to do is mix baking powder with warm water and apply the paste on the furniture using wet sponge. Gently scrub the crevices with your hand and rinse it with water. Dry it under the heat of the sun.For those made of aluminum, clean it using water and dishwashing liquid. Wet a clean cloth with the mixture and rub it on its surface making sure to remove all stains and soil. Wash it off with garden hose and wipe it dry with dry soft cloth. Use non-abrasive car wax to shine it and protect from corrosion.These are the simple ways to clean and protect your patio furniture. Just remember not to use any rough cleaners and brush for your furniture for they can scratch its surface.